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Hi Fellow Eco Traveller,

George Duffy, Eco-Zone Explorer
George Duffy On the Amazon River Near Manaus, Brazil

This is a site about worldwide ecolodges and ecotravel. I started it several years ago to share knowledge of wonderful locations I’ve visited on my own travels and other great places.

A Different Approach to Easy, Affordable Nature Trips and Vacations

Group tours are great and if you want to go on a set date group tour we have scoured the best of the best for value, whether you want mobile tenting safaris or fixed roof lodges. But not everyone wants a group tour so here’s the alternative.

Service, Not Products

Our private planned programs are competitive options. The reason is because we avoid the huge administrative cost of having to organise and promote market a selection of “products”. We focus on service, rather than products. Here’s how.

  1. Unbundle trips and let people focus on the parts people want to pre-plan and;
  2. Leave unstructured time for personal pursuits and self exploration.
  3. Rebundle into a set price so you know what you’re buying and what it costs.

Ecolodges Are The Perfect Solution For Nature Explorers

Ecolodges are not just places to sleep and eat. They are the hubs to explore regions and locales. In fact many ecolodges are the destinations because they feature something the owners have found to be worth saving or regenerating: a great wetland, a clay lick, access to a wildlife area, research projects, a sea shore, an endangered plant, animal or ecosystem, etc.

There are different types of ecolodges. This is important so you don’t get the wrong impression of what the ecolodge is like. Some are very casual and simple camps, some are rural or near communities, some are quite luxurious.

Suggested Itineraries

We have some suggested itineraries that have been developed by local people and companies to help you get around. They are not fixed dates or routes. They can modified.

Please Note

I do not recommend you make reservations using any online travel agency (often referred to as an OTA). They are for mass travellers – not like you.

Most ecolodges are off the beaten track and not a few that are somewhat remote and difficult to get to. Some are very limited in the services and access. This is our expertise.

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