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George Duffy, Eco-Zone Explorer
George Duffy On the Amazon
River Near Manaus, Brazil

This is a site about worldwide ecolodges, sustainable living and ecotravel. I started it several years ago to share knowledge of wonderful locations I’ve visited on my own travels and other great places. We support people’s desires to live more sustainably, and have wonderful travel experiences with our selection of tours and vacation options.

Now, More Than Ever Ecolodges Are The Perfect Solution For Nature Explorers and Sustainable Travellers

Ecolodges are not just places to sleep and eat. They are the hubs to explore regions and locales. In fact many ecolodges are the destinations because they feature something the operators have found to be worth saving or regenerating: a sea shore, a great wetland, an animal clay lick, access to a wildlife area, research projects, endangered plant, animal or ecosystem, etc.

Our Business Is Service, Not Products

There are different types of ecolodges. This is important so you don’t get the wrong impression of what the ecolodge is like. Some are very casual and simple camps, some are rural or near communities, some are quite luxurious.

We focus on service, rather than products. Your needs are probably different than the next person. Maybe you need a guide or driver. Maybe you’d like a group trip. Maybe a combination of guided and self directed. Maybe just a retreat for a while.

  1. There are so many factors involved in finding and choosing an ecolodge that fits your needs that we act as consultants for you, rather than trying to “market” every single choice out there. This is especially true since Covid 19 came on the scene.
  2. Once we consult with you we put together some preliminary choices.
  3. Offer a set price so you know what you’re buying and what it costs.

Suggested Itineraries

We have some suggested itineraries on this website that have been developed by local people and companies to help you get around. They are not fixed dates or routes. They can modified.

Please Note

I don’t recommend you make reservations using any online travel agency often referred to as an OTA. They are for mass travellers – not like you.

Most ecolodges are off the beaten track (a little or a lot) and a few that are somewhat remote and difficult to get to. Some are very limited in the services and access. This is our expertise.

Furthermore, OTA’s take a huge percentage of the dollars you spend with them from the local areas you want to visit, which defeats the whole point of trying to be sustainable.

I also don’t recommend booking directly. There are financial and other risks that have been revealed by Covid 19. We are insured and operate as licensed independent agency in Canada.

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