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George Duffy, Eco-Zone Explorer
George Duffy On the Amazon
River Near Manaus, Brazil

This is a site about worldwide ecolodges, sustainable living and ecotravel. I started it several years ago to share knowledge of wonderful locations I’ve visited on my own travels and other great places. My goal is to support people’s desires to live more sustainably and have wonderful travel experiences by providing valuable information and assistance in arranging trips.

Now, More Than Ever Ecolodges Are The Perfect Solution For Nature Explorers and Sustainable Travellers

Ecolodges are not just places to sleep and eat. They represent the highest aspirations of their founders and operators who have the vision of providing the most outstanding and authentic experiences possible to nature loving travellers like you.

Unlike most types of accommodation many ecolodges are in fact “the destination”. This is because they feature something outstanding that the operators have found to be worth saving and/or regenerating: a sea shore, a great wetland, an animal clay lick, access to a wildlife area, research projects, endangered plant, animal or ecosystem, etc.

Everything is Contextual

Nothing exists in itself. An ecolodge is part of a larger ecosystem, and it is also usually part of the larger trip experience for guests. So, when we are contacted for bookings, we look at your whole trip and help you build the best overall program that suits you. This infographic from our agency site shows the process we go through to create your trip with you.

Please Note

There’s two extremes in people when it comes to ecolodges and nature travel. Those who pay way too much money in the belief that if it’s not expensive it can’t be good, and those who think that all they need is something simple, safe and cheap. If it really were only that simple. Money only goes so far before you’re just paying for things that are probably not very sustainable or just satisfying bloated egos. But!

The reality also is that well run businesses require money to deliver quality and also do the right things to be ethical.

Why I Can Help You

The short answer is that first, by booking through my travel business you add a layer of protection which is quite important today. I work with well known bonded tour companies, the best in the world. Not the most expensive, definitely not the cheapest. Second, reason is I can help you make better choices. I do this because I have the experience of 25 years plus. Going deep into many of the wild places takes thought and consideration, a serious assessment of your real interest and ability. There’s usually something for anyone, we just have to make the match.

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