E-Bike Cusco and the Sacred Valley of the Incas, Peru

If biking the ups and downs of Peru’s Sacred Valley of Incas by Machu Picchu have been too daunting for you, now you can get an assist with and e-bike. The best quality bikes have been selected by Paul and the crew down in Cuzco in line with their commitment to using only the most reliable, safe and durable products. Just like their camping and rafting gear they take the outdoor experience to the highest levels of comfort. Here is their latest video showing off the new e-bikes on some of the trails.

“They are full suspension mountain bikes capable of doing any of the routes we offer, although we have not yet worked out where we would charge them on multi- day routes- but we will.

You can upgrade any trip to use them for 75U$ per person per day.

We think they will be of use in two ways.

1. To allow the whole family to travel together, when some are not as fit as others

2. To do a longer trip in a shorter time. For instance, Paul, Miki and some friends rode from Cusco to Huchuy Qosqo and onto Calca and then back to Cusco all in a day. Normally it is a full day trip just one way.

3. Getting up hills at altitude ( this is going to make them very popular round here)

For those who do not know, they are the same as an ordinary bike, just with a detachable rechargeable battery. You can pedal as much or as little as you want- and can choose between a few settings of just how much you want the battery to do the work. You can also just turn it off with the flick of a switch. To recharge the battery you plug it into the mains. We also have spare batteries to allow longer rides.

They are just as suitable for using on our Sacred Valley bike ride as they are for harder trips. Currently we only have in adult sizes.”

Anyone interested in seeing Peru’s land of the Inca by bike or e-bike, contact us.

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