Rewilding the Ibera Wetlands, Argentina – The Tourworld Collection

Wetlands are amongst the most biodiverse and yet threatened ecological zones around the world. This video is the story of Ibera Wetlands,  (Esteros del Ibera) now a Conservation Land Trust site in Argentina.

Would you like to learn more about visiting Ibera? Read  below before linking to video.

This is an area in northern Argentina that, like the Pantanal in Brazil, is not well travelled by the regular tourist. But it is an area with fantastic wildlife and a growing interest in ecotourism.

The lodges run by the The Conservation Land Trust are quite expensive, but you must keep in mind that they are directing a lot of the funds from visitors to regenerating a wild land. That said you don’t have to be spend more than you need to by joining a fully guided group tour because like with most ecolodges there are local guides and activities included in the cost of your stay. If you can manage your way around in a Spanish speaking country you can take public transportation to get there and reduce much of the cost.

And there are other accommodation choices in the area but you will have to be careful to choose good lodging with good, ethical operations.

If you want to have a smooth well planned expedition to the area without a group tour, contact me and I will help set up a self guided tour. I and my local team will set up your hotels, travel route and transportation.  You’ll get good instructions and you will have access to a local English speaking company that you can contact if you run into trouble or need anything. This is the best way in my opinion. It’s less stress, you don’t have to mess around trying to pick good hotels and learn to navigate in strange locations on the fly, but here’s still lots of room to make your own local plans. Basically I and my local partners act as logisitics management.

Source: Rewilding the Ibera Wetlands, Argentina – The Tourworld Collection

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