Is Small Ship Adventure Cruising Sustainable?

small ship adventure cruising

Is small ship adventure cruising a more sustainable form of tourism?  Intrepid’s small ship adventure cruises aim to operate in a more responsible way by visiting the less visited ports and limiting ship passenger counts.

Darrel Wade co-founder of the Intrepid Group (the parent company of Peregrine) stated in an article posted in the New Zealand Herald Sep 17, 2017 that,

“From a sustainable point of view – pure sustainability, environmental sustainability — [small ships are] arguably not that much better,” Wade says.

“There are things to work through, like fuel standards and things like that.

“But where I think there can be a dramatic difference is in terms of a responsible tourism attitude, where you spread load. We should be going to smaller towns where you can go and eat at a small local restaurant and you’re leaving money behind in the local community. I think you’ve got to make a point of spreading that capacity.”

Small ship adventure cruising is exactly what many people are looking for: cruising that actually lets you explore your ports of call, as opposed to packing you into a mega ship and emptying your wallet. Small ship adventure cruising, if managed with a responsible commitment to the local people, is also a terrific way to experience an area and help provide benefits to the local people.

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