Amazon Cultural Experience

Visiting amazon forest people in Ecuadro

Visiting modern day Amazonian people

We have experienced an extraordinary tour to the Amazon region of Ecuador. We were the guests of the Huaorani people and stayed at a new ecolodge they own and operate. There is really too much to absorb to write a complete description the of this experience at this moment but this was one of the best travel experiences that we have ever encountered. It was adventurous, but we felt safe. We were greeted by the Huaorani warmly, and it was a genuine welcome, not a “professional” welcome, the guides were very enlightening and we interacted closely with them over the 5 days. I will definitely be writing more, and uploading more photos, but for now I just wanted to get some content published to whet your appetites.

The Huaorani are a well documented people who have had a major struggle trying to keep their lands, their language and their people alive in the face of a world hungry for the oil that happens to be in their traditional territory.

One of the ideas they had was to embrace ecotourism in order to bring in sorely needed cash but also to have outside people gain an understanding of their situation. In a very short while they have managed to create a high quality, authentic ecotourism experience that is quite different from the normal type of  ecolodge. While most ecolodges are usually centered on natural history, Huaorani Ecolodoge is about the Huaorani, who are completely integrated in nature. So you could say its about natural history that includes the human element.

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