Zen and the Art of Birdwatching

Is it possible to raise your consciousness just by being a birdwatcher?

Walking down almost any city street I hear robins, sparrows, crows, some starlings and occasionally a jay. All these common city birds live with us and yet how often do we let the sights sounds of birds hover just outside our sphere of awareness? They are probably our closest link with nature on a day to day basis.

Birds are almost always around, but they seem to mostly occupy a parallel universe. Once you start to watch and listen for birds, you start see them everywhere.

I make no claims to be an accomplished birder, but being aware that birds are all around gives me some comfort that I have not entirely eradicated my natural instincts.

Birdwatching is a very popular activity, requires little gear and is easy to learn for men, women and even kids. Once learned and practiced a little, you can really start to see birds all around.

There were no real courses that I could find so we made a program in Costa Rica for anyone interested. Takes place at the beautiful OTS (Organisation for Tropical Studies) sites in Costa Rica and travels to other eco-zones. Its good for adults and families. Accommodations are simple.

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