Planning to Visit an Ecolodge?

George on the Amazon

George Duffy on the Amazon.

I say that travel is not to escape life, but to experience life.

The whole milieu of an ecolodge  is life. Bird songs, night sounds, friendly chatter of other guests who you feel a kinship with, healthy food (often gourmet, and always tasty). Sleep so deep you’ll wonder how you to manage back in the city.

Compare that with big resorts that are so built up that nature has to squeeze its way in some how rather than being embellished by the development.I got hooked on ecolodges back in the 90’s.

If you’ve been to one, and liked it, you’ll know what I mean when I say hooked. My mission is not to convert people from their resort holidays, but to find those people that have been searching for a more natural experience. I’ve visited a lot of ecolodges and will continue to do so, and report on them. This site is a repository of information that comes from my own travels and from my many professional friends in the ecotourism world.

So, if you are planning a visit to an ecolodge, here are some tour ideas, places to stay and articles you can use to help you. To get prices quoted, contact me at Flight Centre Associates  where I work.

You can also contact me on the contact page if you are an ecolodge owner and would like be featured in a tour or as a listing.

George Duffy


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