Amazon Cultural Experience

We have recently just come back from an extraordinary tour to the Amazon region of Ecuador. We were the guests of the Huaorani people and stayed at a new ecolodge they own. There is really too much to absorb to write a complete description the of this experience at this moment but this was one of the best travel experiences that we have ever encountered.

Zen and the Art of Birdwatching

Is it possible to raise your consciousness just by being a birdwatcher? Walking down almost any city street I hear robins, sparrows, crows, some starlings and occasionally a jay. All these common city birds live with us and yet how often do we let the sights sounds of birds hover …

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Spread the Light About Solar Cooking

Remember that old phrase “it was hot enough to fry eggs on” ? Guess what? It’s really true. And you can cook a whole lot more than you ever imagined with today’s solar cookers. I confess, we actually own both a solar oven and a solar stove, so I really …

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The Secret Life of Chocolate

A couple of years ago I was in Costa Rica and I was enchanted by a tour that was offered by one of our ecolodges: The Tropical Chocolate Tour. Well how could you resist? We took off from La Tirimbina centre and over to their private reserve on an island …

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