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Hi Fellow Eco Traveller,

George Duffy, Eco-Zone Explorer

George Duffy On the Amazon River Near Manaus, Brazil

This is a site about worldwide ecolodges and ecotravel. I started it several years ago to share knowledge of the wonderful locations I’ve visited on my own travels and to promote adventure programs I had designed.

Gradually as more ecolodges opened and many other types of nature based lodges needed some kind of description I set out to define “ecolodge”. It came to me that many people are trying to do good by operating many different types of tourism businesses and found the use of the word agriturismo was being used in Italy to describe farms that invited guests to stay in repurposed buildings on the farm, so I added them to my page title. Many are operated organically, biodynamically, or transitioning from conventional to sustainable in other ways. These open up new ways for individuals and small groups to experience life more like locals than tourists.

Living local has become a buzzword. I respect the intention to not buy into the crass commercialism many tours provide, but you will never really live local unless you become one. I think that its more real to understand you are a guest. As a guest you are treated with honour and respect, while at the same time you respect the host, be it a family or a community.

I will continue posting all kinds of new information about worldwide ecolodges, events, workshops, programs or tours that I or my friends and colleagues are offering.

If you are interested in getting prices to visit an eco lodge or take a tour, you can contact me below by email or call my travel business number toll free (North America) at  888-543-6369, or (1)778-383-6369. You can skype me at gmduffy.

George Duffy

Finca del Sol, Cypress County, Alberta

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