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Hi Fellow Eco Traveller,

George Duffy, Eco-Zone Explorer

George Duffy On the Amazon River Near Manaus, Brazil

This is a site about ecolodges and ecotravel. I started it several years ago to promote visits to the wonderful locations I’ve visited on my own travels as well as for developing tour programs for other people and groups.

I will be posting all kinds of new information about ecolodges and any events, workshops, programs or tours that I or my friends and colleagues are offering.

If you are interested in getting prices to visit an eco lodge or take a tour, you can contact me below by email or call my travel business number toll free (North America) at  888-543-6369, or (1)778-383-6369. You can skype me at gmduffy.

George Duffy

Finca del Sol, Cypress County, Alberta

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