Tembo Kijani Ecolodge on the Swahili Coast of Africa

If you are the type of traveller who cares less about the bragging rights of a “bucket list” destination and wants to truly experience life in Africa, Tembo Kijani Ecolodge is a fantastic place to immerse yourself.

At first glance, you can be on any wild beach in the world, but a short jaunt away to Saadani National Park tells you this is a beach destination unlike most others. Look to the treetops of the Acacias and see giraffes feeding on their favorite food. Youmight also spo t a lion perched on a branch.

Tembo Kijani Ecolodge is one of a few ecolodges in Africa hosting guests by the ocean. A satisfying mix of sea and sand with near by Saadani National Park in Tanzania, this a remarkable place where you can see most of the continent’s famous megafauna, as well as birds and beasts becoming more scarce elsewhere. Like many of the really wonderful ecolodges in the world, accommodations are simple and functional and the hospitality is genuine. When staying here you’ll have a hard time

deciding whether you love the food or the quiet ambiance of a remote location more.

From a green perspective Tembo Kijani Eoclodge is powered by sun and wind, rainwater is collected for lodge use and waste waters are treated onsite before being used to support the ecolodge’s needs. Food waste is composted and any other waste is kept to an absolute minimum and then repurposed or recycled. Sleeping rooms are of two types: airy, raised bandas that catch the cool sea breeze at night or the king room beach bungalows with more space. Either way, there are only a total of 7 rooms so your stay will be very private.All rooms have private ensuite washrooms.

To learn more about Kijani and how to get here, please contact our booking agency.


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