Eco Explorer Panama

On this journey you will see Panama’s stunning beaches, experience an unforgettable encounter with the Chocoe-Embera Indians, then hike the mountains of Chiriqui to observe the elusive, long-tailed Quetzal. The exotic Bocas del Toro Archipelago is located in the Caribbean of West Panama near the border with Costa Rica. It is a diver and outdoor lover’s paradise with unspoiled coral reefs, deep-sea fishing and boating, kayaking, snorkeling and long sandy deserted beaches.  This package introduces you to the very best of Panama’s diverse geography and cultures.

Day 1: Panama City, arrival and transfer.

Day 2: Chagres National Park, visit Chocoe-Embera people. After breakfast visit a paradise found in its purest form. This tour leaves Panama City at 8:30 AM and begins with a ride in a “piragua” (a native boat) following the route commonly used by the Indians for their daily transport along the Chagres River. Then hike through the forest with a local indigenous guide and an expert who will explain the botanical aspects of the trail and the culture of this authentic Chocoe-Embera village. In the village, members of the community will share their culture through dances, rituals, food, etc. You will have the opportunity to partake in “jagua” body painting with vegetable ink. Arrival back to Panama City is estimated at 4:00 PM.  BL

Day 3: Fly to David, visit Chiquiri cloudforest coffee plantation and stay in private estate farm. Finca Lerida is a 10 minute drive from the center of Boquete and located in a exclusive private nature reserve at an altitude ranging from 5,000 to 10,000 feet above sea level. This unique ecolodge is a preferred destination for visitors interested in exploring rich flora and fauna, for birders, nature photographers and nature lovers.The ecolodge has 11 very comfortable double rooms with private bath, each with its own porch overlooking the untouched forests of the highland and the surrounding coffee plantation. Each room is individually decorated and named after the native birds found on the property. BLD

Day 4: Walking in the clouds-near Boquete and Baru volcano. This rarely visited area allows even casual birdwatchers to enjoy the chance of seeing the hard to find quetzales.  There are many other bird species as well and beautiful orchids, heliconia dn bromeliads. BLD

Day 5: Transfer to Bocas del Toro on the Caribbean, transfer to nature lodge at Punta Vieja on Bastimentos island. Here you will experience the Afro-Panamanian culture and the Teribe indigenous group. Between jungle and sea, Al Natural Resort has created a comfortable and private retreat, perfectly integrated into the lush tropical environment of Isla Bastimentos.
This resort elegantly combines the ancestral craftsmanship of the Ngobe-bugle Indians with new technologies that allow us to use energy from the sun and limit our impact on the ecosystem.

In order to provide each guest with maximum privacy, and to maintain an intimate setting for the resort, there are only nine bungalows. All the bungalows are stilt houses and provide occupants with uninterrupted views of the sea and surrounding flora and fauna. BLD

Day 6: Visit the Zapatillas Cays, famous for beautiful beaches and protected reefs.  Glide through the mysterious mangrove forest in a cayuco (indigenous canoe). BLD

Day 7: Return flight to Panama City,

Day 8: Transfer and flight out.

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