The Galapagos Islands are like a Noah's ark of wildlife. Along with the African plains, the Pantanal and the tropical rainforests, the are a first ranking location for nature tourism. But how well protected are they?

Balancing competing interests is a game that moves back and forth between the need for income, the protection of the resource and politics. There are many different operators and programs in the Galapagos, in many price ranges and luxury levels. We organise land based community ecotourism programs as well as faciliate yacht cruises.

The programs are termed community based ecotourism since they are operated by local guides and you stay in locally owned hotels and eat at small locally owned restaurants. Doing most touring on foot you'll see the amazing vegetation, volcanoes, secluded wildlife reserves, quiet coves and beautiful white sand beaches for swimming and snorkeling. (See Eco-Zone Explorer Galapagos in our brochure) We also arrange cruises. These range from 4, 5, 8 and 14 days. The ships range from small private yachts that hold 12, 16 and 20 people and mega yachts that hold up to 50 passengers.
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